About Us

Since the mid 1980's, the name Prestige Mills has been synonymous with excellence in the wholesale carpet industry. Our commitment to outstanding customer service, attention to detail and ability to offer the finest and most unique catalog of products from countless territories around the globe are what distinguish us from our competition.

As distributors of high-end products to both retailers and designer showrooms, we specialize in the creation of unique designs in "Old-World" weaving techniques and have gained a reputation for providing a class of carpets not previously available in the market. Our intimate relationships with a myriad of specialty mills around the world grant us exclusivity to many high-end niche products of various weaves, textures and constructions.

We invite you to further explore our extensive product line in your local retailer or designer showroom. Please contact our amazing customer service team for more information about where our products are sold.

Green Label

Prestige Mills is firmly committed to the production of environmentally sustainable carpets and continues to strive to offer a product line that will soon be predominantly "Green". We consider ourselves to be pioneers within the carpet industry and are determined to lead the way in reducing our carbon footprint setting a strong example for others within our sector.

Many of our current offerings are "Green Certified" and we continue develop relationships with mills that utilize production techniques that are environmentally sustainable. For more information on our "Green" products, feel free to contact us.