Can I purchase products direct from Prestige Mills?

A. If you are a retail dealer or designer showroom, you may purchase products and samples directly from Prestige Mills. If you are an end user, you have to visit one of our retailers/showrooms in order to purchase any of our offerings. Use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you.

Will I find the Prestige Mills Label in Stores?

A. You will find our label in stores, along with the rest of our lines: Bomat, Weave Tuft, Concepts International, Missoni, Mantra, Tretford and Larsen. In some cases, retailers will put their own label on our goods.

Can I purchase Prestige Mills products through the website?

A. If you are an approved retailer with an online account, you may request cuttings and order samples via out website. If you are a dealer, but not approved, you may apply to be an approved dealer. Once approved, you may  order cuttings and samples through our website. If you are an end user, you must visit one of our dealer/showrooms in order to purchase our products.

How can I learn more about the different varieties of carpet?

A. You can browse our website to get more familiar with our diverse product line. For more information, you should visit the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) website which can be done by clicking here. There exists such a wide variety of different constructions, designs, fabric contents, textures, etc. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the various options before moving forward with your next carpet purchase!

Are Prestige Mills products GREEN?

A. Prestige considers itself a leader within the Floor Covering Industry and we are 100% committed to the GREEN movement and reducing our carbon footprint. Right now, we do offer a number of GREEN products. We continue to strive to add new and innovative products to our GREEN collection and are confident that one day in the near future our entire product line will be entirely comprised of products that are environmentally sustainable.

Where can I find information about properly cleaning my carpet?

A. We do not specialize in the cleaning of carpets. We recommend that you contact a local carpet cleaning professional and navigate the Internet for potential helpful tips.

What's the difference between wall-to-wall carpet and Rugs?

A. "Wall-to-Wall" is made for professional installation of entire rooms. Each product has a standard width and installers will customize it to fit the desire space. That said, if there is a pattern that you would like to make into a rug, we can certainly customize that for you as you wish in whatever size and with whatever border you would like. Rugs, however, are sold as is. They may come in a number of different sizes but what you see is what you get.

Anything else I should know?

A. Shopping for the right carpet for you is a process that should not be taken lightly. Proper selection and utilization of floor covering can make or break a room, hallway or even an event space. We suggest that you take your time in reviewing our entire selection and be sure to consult with a retail professional about which Prestige Mills products they feel are best suited for you and your space. Prestige Mills is proud to offer the best selection of goods in the industry and we look forward to helping you with your floor covering needs.